Alternative Education

In 2011, Cwmbran Centre for Young People set up an alternative education provision to offer a new and exciting alternative curriculum for all those young people aged 11-16 in Torfaen who are not engaging with main stream education.

This may be due to a number of different reasons, but whatever the reason we will offer every young person that we work with the chance to start again and feel included in an innovative and interesting education programme where we aim to not only build self-esteem and confidence but, actively work to improve reading, writing, understanding, Numeracy and I.C.T.


It is a totally flexible and unique programme that is tailored around the specific needs of each individual young person with every young person receiving both one to one tutoring and involvement in group work, volunteering and career development.

We understand that some young people may have been experiencing problems at school for a number of years and we do not expect miracles overnight, neither do we expect young people to slot into a pre-pared timetable. Each young person attending our provision will work to a timetable that has been designed around them, has also been designed with their input and is 100% personal to that young person. Our aim is to change their perception of education from perhaps a negative experience to a positive one and to then build on this by providing a well-structured tailor made individual timetable.


The timetable will vary greatly for each young person and will include a percentage of one-to-one work with additional team projects and activities to help build confidence, self-esteem, the chance to gain meaningful qualifications at either GCSE level or equivalent to GCSE, focus on career development and available college courses and the opportunity for each young person to take charge and be responsible for their own learning.

Alongside the above, each young person will also have the opportunity to visit different employers, colleges and universities, build their own portfolio, partake in both indoor and outdoor activities and achieve qualifications and certificates that they probably never thought they could achieve before.

The number of qualifications to be offered to each young person will be agreed with the school. Each qualification costs £14.00 in total for the registration and certification.


At CCYP we always aim to take a more holistic approach to education and aim to support both the personal and educational needs of young people, helping them to overcome a wide range of barriers and develop themselves into well rounded young individuals.

We strive to engage young people in a wide range of positive activities and to develop them as young adults, at a pace that is suited to that young person and with subjects and experiences that means they are interested and therefore willing to partake.


We operate an `open door` policy and allow young people to leave sessions if they are not feeling comfortable, stressed or unhappy in anyway. This means that young people are not penalized for taking five, ten or even thirty minutes out of sessions in order to have a breather, and more times than not means that we are able to engage young people for longer periods of time and achieve fantastic attendance rates.

Young people referred to the provision will be allocated their own personal tutor who will also discuss future career choices, college courses and local employment opportunities. At CCYP, we not only want to support young people whilst they are with us in school term, but we also feel it is our duty to ensure that all of our young people are supported whilst they progress onto college, apprenticeships or employment. We will actively help pupils to complete application forms, produce a CV, practice interview techniques and follow their progress through the summer holidays to ensure they arrive at their chosen destination without too many hiccups.


Please contact us for a quote, as costs may vary depending on the number of pupils and type of delivery.