Counselling Service

The Torfaen Young People’s Counselling Service, commissioned by the Local Authority from Cwmbran Centre for Young People, provides counselling for young people in all schools across Torfaen, and in the community.

Secondary Service

Secondary Coordinator: Ceri Jones,

Each of the six secondary schools have a counsellor for at least two days a week, and the Pupil Referral Unit has a counsellor on Tuesdays. There is a provision for ‘floating support’ to assess young people in schools when the referral rates are high.

Any professional working with a young person, or their parent/carer, or the young person themselves can refer to the service. If the referral is not a self-referral, the young person’s consent must be obtained before referral information can be given to the service. Referrals can been made by directly contacting the counsellor at the school, asking a member of staff at school, or by ringing the confidential answer service: 01633 453045.


Primary Service                        

Primary Coordinator: Oliver Wilford,

The primary service offers counselling to young people from years 3 to 6.

Each school has a designated counsellor who will assess referrals, liaise with school staff and meet with parents/carers before counselling starts. Young people cannot be seen by the counsellor without written consent from a parent/carer.

There is a small out-of-school service for Primary children at The Integrated Children’s Centre, Cwmbran on Monday afternoons (4-6pm) The out-of-schools counsellor is Becky Kent,


Out-of-Schools Service

Out-of-schools Coordinator: Alex Morgan,

There is an out-of-schools counselling service at the Cwmbran Centre for Young People on Mondays and Thursdays; and at Pontypool Library on Tuesdays, 4-7pm.

To refer to this service, either contact Alex via email, or ring the 24 hour answer service and she will return your call.